Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where did the time go??

I can't believe I am leaving Salamanca in two days, and will be back home on Saturday. It seems like just yesterday that I was saying goodbye to my family at the airport to come here. This experience has been amazing. I have learned so much about the language, culture, and myself in such a short time. My time in Salamanca has been better than I could have imagined. My host family is so nice, and I will miss spending time with them during La Comida (lunch) and La Cena (dinner). Although I loved to travel on the weekends, it was always nice to return to Salamanca, and it started to feel like home. Speaking of travelling, I cannot believe all the places I was able to visit. Besides Madrid and Salamanca, I visited Porto (in Portugal), Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Barcelona. Each city was so unique and different, it's hard to pick a favorite! Living in Salamanca and visiting other cities has really made me feel like I am a part of the Spanish culture. Last night, my friend Kelly and I went out for tapas before seeing a movie. We were discussing how when we first got to Spain we had no idea what we were ordering (or eating) for the most part. It seemed like we just kept getting served eggs and ham in different forms! Now, we are accustomed to not only the food, but the style of eating here as well. Eating our first American meal on Saturday will be the weird thing! I hope to spend my last two days here taking in the city with all the wonderful friends I have met. Oh, and of course I will try to consume as much helado (ice cream) as possible. ¡Hasta Luego!

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