Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time has absolutely been flying by here in Spain. Every day I thinking I am falling in love with this culture even more. I truly believe the reverse culture shock when I return to the US will be much greater than the culture shock I had upon arriving here in Spain. I have found myself very well adapted to the large, late lunches and smaller, late dinners here, I definitely think my eating habits will change in the US to reflect this Spanish style. I also love how the Spanish people spend so much time outside. All of the benches of Salamanca are filled with people meeting up with friends and family to socialize and enjoy the outdoors, it’s a really neat thing to see. I can’t believe that there is only one and a half weeks left of this program, I have loved my experience so far and am excited for the next week and a half to come.

This past weekend I spent Friday and Saturday in Salamanca and I finally got to really explore the city. Salamanca is filled with great sites to see! There are many beautiful churches, two amazing cathedrals (which is strange in just one city, the new and the old), a roman bridge built in the 1st century, a crystal building (La Casa Lis), beautiful parks, and much more. I never knew how much there was to see until I finally took the long walk throughout the city that I have been studying in for the past three and a half weeks. It is a blessing to be able to study in a city with so much history. This year is the university’s 800th year of being a university, the history here really just makes the United States seem so young, which it is. I’m sure time will continue to fly by this next week and a half but I really do hope it goes slow.

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