Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie Night!

Last Wednesday, me and a group of girls decided to have a chill night and go to the movies! After doing a little bit of research, we decided to see a movie called LOL (or full title: Bienvenido al mundo de LOL). I'd say it was under the romantic comedy/drama category, which are my favorite types of movies. It was originally a French film, then it was dubbed over in Spanish, which is perfect for us English speaking students, right? But surprisingly, I understood most of the movie, and even when I couldn't understand a word or phrase, it was easy to figure out in the context of the scene and by the actions of the actors. Also, I heard random phrases that we've learned in class here, and I was really excited because I knew what they meant! 

Overall, I loved the movie, mostly because there was a love story involved, and it was also very humorous at times. It was also funny because the students in the film went to England for a few weeks or so to do a "study abroad" and learn English, and when they got off the bus to meet their host families, it reminded us of what we did just a couple weeks before here in
 Salamanca! I would definitely recommend this movie to any Spanish speaking students and think they would really enjoy it, and I would also be interested in seeing the movie in English to see if I missed anything in it. 

I think we're going to try to make Wednesday nights our "movie night" because we all had a lot of fun, and it was a nice change of pace from going out, plus it is a great learning tool in my opinion! 

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  1. Movie Night = FTW. Great idea, Jacqueline, and even better post.