Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Summer

As the final days come to a close I cannot help but reflect on what has been an incredible summer.  These past have far exceeded my expectations of what I thought Spain would be.  I did not come into this program knowing anyone and hoping to meet some nice people who go to school with me.  I accomplished that.  I wanted to travel around Spain, meeting the people and taking in their culture, I did that too.  Also, I wanted to become acquainted with my host family and share in all their customs, while teaching them a few things about Americans.  I think I did both of those as well.
Coming to a new place like this with merely a novice understanding of the language is a difficult thing to do.  I did not have any idea what to expect though, until I got to Madrid and became friends with everyone.  It was such a rewarding experience meeting new people in a foreign place, we all had at least one thing in common.  I will surely miss Spain and all the memories I have made here.

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