Sunday, July 26, 2009


Four of my girlfriends and I just got back from a weekend in Portugal.  I had no expectations when we planned the trip; however, the country blew me away.  The culture is rich, the people are kind, and the scenery is breathtaking.  We spent one day in the city of Lisbon, one on the beach in Caiscus, and made 2 stops in little old pueblos on our drive back.  Our experience was filled with good times - we toured churches and monuments during the mornings and spent the afternoons and evenings shopping on the quaint streets and finding delicious restaurants.  It was the perfect last weekend to my summer excursions in Europe.  I truly cannot believe that I will be home in just one week, and although it is bitter-sweet, I am so excited to spend time with my family and friends before going back to U of M.  Words cannot describe everything I have learned - not only about the world and different cultures, but about myself as an individual.


  1. Nice, well written and thoughtful See you Sunday. Love babbo

  2. beautifully said- that's my girl! xoxo Mom

  3. Bueno Babe,

    With all the latest news events by the Basques keep your eyes open and be alert to anything that does not look "right". Get out of bus and train stations as quickly as possible. Safe trip to all. love babbo