Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My weekends of travel have finally begun! I am staying very busy during my stay in Spain and every weekend for the rest of the trip I have travel plans! This past weekend I traveled to Oporto, Portugal with 5 other girls. We had an awesome time! We stayed very busy whether it be soaking up rays at the beach, sightseeing around the town on a mini turist train, eating amazing food at some great restaurants, shopping at a flea market, or wine tasting. As some of you may know, Oporto is the home of Port wine. We traveled to the wine cellars or "caves" and had a tour of the cellars which was very neat and had a very spunky tour guide who kept us laughing the majority of the time. We were able to try both their white and red wine. Here is a video I attached from our presentation in class of us trying the red wine.

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  1. Super cool video, Meghan. Muchas thanks for posting it!