Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My hopes for the immediate future

Since I cannot sleep and my internet is deciding to work tonight I figure I can blog for a little.  This upcoming weekend marks the final one that our group is staying in Salamanca.  What a terrific 4.5 weeks its been so far, an experience I will never forget, though I cannot wait to get home and eat some Taco Bell.  Its difficult to say what has been my favorite part of the trip, but what immediately comes to mind are the week in Madrid with stops at the Prado, the trip to Toledo, running of the bulls, and my vacation to Lisbon.  All these have left lasting memories for me, but the most important thing has been the time I have spent making new friends who share a common appreciation for the Spanish language and culture.  Most 19 and 20 year old kids would not be able to enjoy this experience as much as we have.  Also, the ability to make friends with any local, we have all succeeded with our host families as well.  The trips have been nice, but without a doubt, meeting new people and going out in a foreign country has been extremely rewarding.
This weekend I am off to Sevilla and Granada to see some Muslim architecture and take in the beautiful southern Spain countryside.  This will certainly be one of those places that I enjoy, it looks amazing.  After the program, a few friends, that I have met here, and I plan on going to Barcelona for a few nights.  I would also like to make my way to Valencia, the last stop on my tour of major Spanish cities, and if there is time, southern France and the beach city of Montpellier.  That would be nice, but I will have to see on that one.  Finally its back to Madrid for a night or two.  I would like to see the park again, it was huge and absolutely beautiful.  I will be back in the United States in 2 weeks or so with a summer full of memories.

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