Monday, July 20, 2009


This past weekend I went to Andalucia with some of my classmates. My first impression was that it was very hot. Despite the heat, I had a great time and absolutely loved it! We went to the Alhambra in Granada and encountered the absolute best ice cream place on our walk home. The Alhambra was goregous. It is huge; therefore, required a lot of walking, but it was definitely worth it. My favorite part was the gardens and the big fountain/pond inside the Palacios Navaries. After Granada, we went to Sevilla. Sevilla was definitely my favorite city. The old streets and colorful buildings were very unique and I didn't feel like I was actually walking in such a big city. On Saturday night, we went to a flamenco show. It was the second flamenco show I've seen and I really enjoyed it. The male dancer was amazing! His feet moved so fast! On Saturday, we also went to the Plaza de Espana and rode bikes in a park. Then on Sunday we visited the Alcazar Palace and gardens, the torre del oro, cathedral, and la giralda. I actually liked the Alcazar Palace more than la Alhambra. It was smaller, but I thought it had more color to it and the fountain in the garden that came from the roof of the building was very impressive considering it was built way before indoor plumbing! The Giralda and the torre del oro had the best views of the city and were the perfect spot to take pictures of the city (and to rest after the long climb to the top). Overall, the weekend was a lot of fun and definitely worth the long bus ride!

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