Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Abroad

I just finished a month studying and living in Florence, Italy.  It was the first time I traveled completely solo and I feel as though my language skills improved and I became of part of the culture.  However, my brain is now working in Italian so it has been a little frustrating switching to Spanish, but over the last couple of days I have started to more clearly separate the two languages.  It is a unique experience to be traveling in a different country with a group of old and new friends from America.  Spain is beautiful and rich with culture - one that is completely different from Italy's.  Although this experience is a true opportunity, I feel like I am speaking too much English; I am eager to get to Salamanca and be forced to speak Spanish.  The one advantage of traveling without a group is the that you must rely on only yourself to communicate, yet at time that can also cause a very lonely existence.


  1. Solo is the only way to travel baby ;-)
    Miss ya, love ya. xo

  2. Habla, habla, habla in spainish toda el tiempo. ciao babbo