Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am loving Madrid so much! I was very nervous on the flight here because I was very sick, but I'm so happy to be here now because everything is going great. I am excited to meet my host family, and I know that living with them will cause me to expand my boundaries... I am excited for the classes at la Universidad as well. Trying new foods and visiting new streets everyday has been amazing here in Madrid, and I hope to continue this trend of seeing new things everyday in Salamanca. My biggest problem is speaking (and thinking!) in constant Spanish here. I hope that in Salamanca as I settle into a routine I will break through this and start to dream in Spanish, the ultimate goal.

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  1. Esteph, I miss you so much!!! The constant Spanish thing is killer; I feel your pain. Laur and I always say to our host family that we are fine to speak at breakfast and lunch, but at dinner we have already had a full day of hospital/getting around town/ 2 hours of class and they know not to expect much spanish! haha, enjoy darling, kisses from peru